Sunday, July 6, 2008

Lubna, the first pornoterrorist

I think I had 5 or 6 years old when arrived to my hands a copy of RankXerox. My father had (and still have) a great comic collection and I had unlimited access to it, there were no restrictions, not even with the Vibora comics (a real pornographic spanish magazine). Maybe in that moment, with those stories in my hands I asociated for first time sex and violence.

My favourite character was Lubna, a 12 years old girl that was given a muscular and mad robot (Ranx). She is a pervert Lolita, she loves to fuck with the robot, she orders him to kill brutally her enemies, she turn him in her provider (the girl is addict to all kinds of substances), in her perfect toy.

I remember me wanting to be like her, to have my own robot (I included it in one of my letters to Santa), make him my slave, make him gut with a whisk that annoying and precocious brat of my class, make him fuck by the asshole that authoritarian and idiot teacher who always was ordering me to shut up...

I really recomend to those who don’t know this comic to get some of them.

You can find it in Ebay, I’m not sure if is translated to english, probably yes. The original is in italian. The name of the comic is “Rank Xerox” (Gaetano “Tanino” Liberatore draw it and Stefano Tamburini wrote it). The best of all of them is “Happy Birthday, Lubna”.

It is also a comic which participated to the begining of ciberpunk, so as well as you can masturbate with it, or suply your brain with blood, innards, sex with minors and excessive drug addiction, you can culturalize yourself. What else you can expect from a comic book?

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sssenca said...

gracias X i will do my best to get something here in london for you. do you do photo expo and performance? pay? bar whotever is something they would love to have u, im sure!!!