Sunday, May 11, 2008


//spanish version//
It’s so difficult try to not be all the fucking day horny when everybody goes everywhere showing their naked hands. I fuck with my hands and other hands use to fuck me. The vision of a penis or a boob eroticises me (a little bit) less than the vision of a good strong hands, long fingers and short nails, please (fillets just at butcher’s).

I have been always in favor of nudism but I admit that in some occasions, clothes make the subject more interesting, what we can’t see wakes up additional curiosity on desire. That’s why gloves put me on. I don’t think I’m a fetishist in this way because be it of the hands for a lesbian should be the logical equivalent of be it of the glans, the clit or the ass hole for someone who don’t use the hands for fucking...

All that people in the streets, taking things, lighting cigars, holding books with their erect and ready for the action hands, mmm, it's indecent and lustful.

Hands are like the sin’s snake for me.

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sssenca said...

from today on i will look at hands differently;)