Friday, May 9, 2008

Matters of the tonge

//spanish version//
PORNOGRAPHY, near 1880. derivative from the greek ‘pornographos’ > who describes the prostitution. Composed with ‘porne’ > bitch, and ‘grapho’ > I describe.

it’s curious that ‘pornes’ inspired that ‘graphia’, this make me think that pornography, in the beginning, was a women bussines, and even if without the males it would never have existed like it is, were females the active part of it.

TERROR: the etymological origin of terror is in the ancient greek: ‘tromos’, in relation with verb ‘tremo’ or ‘treo’, wich means tremble.
And it comes from the onomatopoeia ‘trrr’, tipical in somebody who shudder, and it designates a superior state of fear wich rises inicially like an effective response, but that don’t entails the pannic disorder that disable the individual and breaks the reactive functions hierarchy.

Quivering flesh, terrify flesh, mmmm

Etymologies have always turned me on, they reveal the primal character of words and they help us to understand how and why for they were created. Also they show us the human stupidity in it’s less recreational side: we use up them so much that we turn them useless.

A thousand of times fucking I got speechless. Now that I know the meaning of this two words I will say: darling, I’m terrrrified cause you are so porn.

So, a terrorist is who makes the others trrrrrrremble. I hope to become a great terrorist. And a loyal pornographer.

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